Project: Relaxing

Laaa...tau tau Jun 2010 sudah.

Looks like I'm in a very long holiday mood; translation 'bermalas-malasan'.

I abandoned the cg society competition, malas bah.
Started an animation project since march, tablet rusak!

So now its June, just bought my new Bamboo 2. What am I waiting for? Back to work!
(do some animation before 10pm, sleep, wake-up at 12am till 2am, sleep. morning get ready to work...)

A sample. Hoping it to be a success!


CGSociety Challenge Entry

2010. New year, new resolution. I'm looking into 3D.

My favourite CG arts website is hosting a challenge B-Movie competition image and animation.

I think I'll just join the image category.

Animation Project October2009

Codename: Pelangi.

A little bit of info for the moment. Basically my biggest animation project yet. Its for something big event that'll happen in Brunei on 31st October 2009.

Alhamdulillah. This is my opportunity and rezeki can i say it, benchmark my ability in animation?

So Afif animation season 2 will have to be onhold at the moment. I have to tell my friends at RegalBlue Production for an alternative date of submission.

Hope everybody's well and healthy..including me! Until then..stay tuned for updates!